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CCMA President Update 6/23/20

posted Jun 24, 2020, 4:30 AM by Micheline LeBlanc

Greetings from paradise.  Just an update as to what is happening when it is not raining.

1. The attendance at the swimming pools has been orderly and successful.  Thanks to everyone for following the rules.

2. As stated in my last update, the carpet is installed and really looks nice.  I think everyone will be happy.

3. Reopening more of our amenities is still under study.  The increase of virus cases in Florida is not making it easy to make a decision. Remember, the clubhouse is still closed.  If you need something or some information, call the office phone number and leave a message.

4. The lake restoration has started and is looking good.  There was a slight equipment problem this week but we should be back on track soon.  Interesting procedure but it is really boring to watch.

5. As we all know, the search for our new social director is underway.  A big thank you to the members of the team.  Good luck.

6. To  the chairpersons of all the committees – please prepare your budgets and get them to Mickie LeBlanc by July 15.  Any questions should be directed to Mickie.

7. If you haven’t sent in your lake assessment, please help us by doing so soon.

A quick word regarding the individuals at the front gate.  They are doing their best to help all of us.  If they don’t answer the phone when you call, it is because they are helping somebody at the side door.  Leave a message with a phone number and they will get back to you.  Do not leave nasty messages.  That is harassment and will not be tolerated.  Nor will we tolerate harassment of Michael or any of our volunteers.  Be responsible adults.

Have a great week.

Remember, wash your hands often, wear a mask and smile.