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CCMA President Update 6/9/20

posted Jun 9, 2020, 9:19 AM by Micheline LeBlanc   [ updated Jun 9, 2020, 12:43 PM ]

Hello neighbors,

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

  • SURPRISE – the rear entrance gate was not working, again.  But, legitimate excuse:  lightning.
  • The Master Board meeting on Friday, 06/05/2020 was really good. 
  • Treasurer’s report by Mickie LeBlanc showed that as of 04/30/2020 CC was under budget expense wise, but anything can change any day.  We just want to be even at year end.
  • The CC office continues to be closed.  If you have questions, leave a message and someone will respond.  If it is about transponders, email cctransponders@gmail.com
  • Michael Waunsch reported that most things are well in his department.  The patio roof near the main pool does need replacing and 3 bids are being requested.  Bayleaf pool was closed for one day and Spinnaker will be closed one day this week for algae treatment.
  • The search for the Activities Director is back in process.  The last candidates decided not to join us.  So, wish the search committee good luck, again.
  • Residents in the condos have had the same question regarding the drain pipes from their eaves gutters.  The pipes will be extended into the lake and not be blocked.  Lake erosion repair should begin soon, with the long lake probably being the first.
  • Again, swimming pool reopening is still successful.  Thanks to all using them for obeying the rules.
  • When you read this, the clubhouse carpet installation will be completed.
  • Several owners are investigating the possibilities of a community gardening project on the land south of the bank.  They are Mike Palmer and Ray Heuring.  They also will be working with Murray Morrissey on a plan to make the front of that plot more attractive to us and our neighbors.  If you have ideas and suggestions, or if you would like to help, contact one of them.
  • Mary Beth Martel, Janet Carloni and Cherryl Daugherty (The Three Musketeers) have been working with Jeanne to keep the Recreation Dept. ahead of the curve by paying bills, issuing refunds and trying to book next season’s activities.  Of course, we have to wait and see what rules are in effect at that time.
  • The Lakes Assessment currently has approximately 100 delinquent owners.  We are extending the grace period to August 15, 2020. Delinquent notices will be mailed shortly.  If you have not sent in your payment, please do so now and avoid the penalty and interest.
  • Transponder fees  will continue the same for owners – 2 free, then $10.00 per unit thereafter, Renters will now be charged $25.00 per unit.  This only applies to new transponders.  If you are a landlord, please advise your tenants.
  • We have a new Communications Committee.  Look for changes in the CC website.
  • Re-opening of the clubhouse is still under discussion and planning.  Rules and regulations will be issued shortly regarding everything in the clubhouse.

Remember, wash your hands and keep smiling


William J Durkee, CPA