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CCMA President Update 7/31/20

posted Aug 1, 2020, 7:20 AM by Micheline LeBlanc

The recent Master Board meeting on 7/20/20 was held via ZOOM and telephone and was well attended.

·      The pool situation is still working well but the crowds are not here, yet.

·      As you all know, Florida is not doing well with the pandemic situation.  We are setting records in the wrong direction.

·      The treasurer’s report was favorable, at mid-year. The Lake Erosion Repair assessment is down to approximately 5% of accounts outstanding, which is still too high.  Please, if you are one of these, contact Mickie LeBlanc to arrive at a solution.

·      The clubhouse and exercise room are still closed and will be indefinitely.  But, on a positive note, once we open everything up, the internet will be easier to use, as it was updated.

·      We have hired a new Social Director, Cali Dorward; she begins work on 8/3/20.  The office will still be closed.

·      The patio roof has not been repaired and may have to be removed completely due to the replacement cost.  It was discussed whether to replace it with a roof or a canopy - no decision yet.

·      The Osprey nest has been removed, again.  Hopefully, we will soon have an alternative post for our feathered friends.

·      Some consider our new acreage to be an eyesore and what to do about it was discussed. 

o   Pro-it would look better cleaned up and trimmed.

o   Con-It would have to be maintained regularly ( costly), it might be an invitation to foot traffic of people with dogs, small sports vehicles, exposure of Villas 1 to San Carlos and lots of dust and dirt blowing around.  Discussion was tabled.

·      It was pointed out that all four pools need to be resurfaced, but only one per year, starting with Bayleaf.

·      The new Communications Committee is updating e-mail addresses to hopefully include all owners.  The committee recommended to the Master Board that a Communications Director be named, making one person responsible for e-mail messages, blasts, Facebook and website updates, plus monitoring all communications.  Also, working to recruit a volunteer to monitor Facebook.

·      Local Association Meetings:  Please submit the dates of your association meetings to the office:   cinnamoncove11650@gmail.com    or 239-466-7727

·      The pictorial directories were delayed due to COVID-19.  Lifetouch is up and running and Mary Jane Corning and crew are working diligently to get it proofed.  We will let  everybody know when they arrive.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Remember:  wash your hands, wear a mask and keep smiling.  People will see the smile in your eyes.

William J. Durkee, CPA
CCMA President