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CCMA President Updates

posted Jun 1, 2020, 7:19 AM by Micheline LeBlanc

Welcome to summer, everyone.

Hopefully you all had a great Memorial Day.

1. As we all know, the pools are open, but with restrictions.  Those using the pools are enjoying them.  Please continue to follow the guidelines.  Tennis and pickleball players are active, again.

2. The clubhouse is still closed, indefinitely.  The new carpeting should be installed by June 15.  This will

 really improve the appearance of the area.

3. We have a work group which is studying how to open all our amenities, which includes meeting rooms, card tables, gymnasium, library and billiards.  Allowing people back into the clubhouse will be a big step.  The timing is still not certain, but soon we hope.  But remember, there will be restrictions.

4. People using the main pool are aware that the shaded area has been roped off.  The ceiling and roof are in danger of collapsing from the rains.  Repairs are necessary and hopefully not too far in the future.

Waiting on engineers, builders and roofers.

5. The lake restoration project will be started soon.  But that will not cause any disruptions.  It may

create entertainment.

6. The committee in charge of finding our new Social Director has been hard at work and progressing very well.  They will have nomination for the Master Board soon.  Stay tuned.

The office remains closed.  If you need information, call and leave a message.  Someone will respond.

7. We hope to have a Master Board meeting next week.  Details will be posted and sent out via email.

8. One last bit of good news.  Michael had the Lee County Sheriff Department check out the homeless tent on our property in front of Ginger Lane.  It was not being used, so he planned to remove it.  But, before he could, a group of volunteers headed up by Bob and Brenda Vissar  removed the tent and cleaned the area up.  Thank you to those brave volunteers.  Folks, if you go near that area, please be careful of used needles and other drug related items.

Remember, wash your hands and keep smiling.


William J Durkee, CPA

CCMA President