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December 2017 Update

posted Dec 20, 2017, 9:45 AM by Micheline LeBlanc

Hello Cinnamon Cove Friends,

      Around 75 folks attended the last Master Board meeting of 2017 this pastMonday.  As always, a number of topics were covered with some being voted on and others left to discussion and planning for the future. 

       The number one most important item on the agenda was the new Rules and Regulations document.  This is a total upgrade for this important piece.  Four board members reviewed and read this document at least seven times making revisions as necessary.  It is now in its final stage.  Of course, the board wants you to take a look at it and offer any thoughts prior to the board’s voting on its approval at the January 15 meeting.

       A copy of The Rules and Regulations is attached to this email.  A copy of this will also be on the web site.  There will also be a few copies in the office for you to sign out to read if you prefer that method. 

Please take time to check it out and if you are so inclined, you can come and meet with those of us who worked on it to discuss any thoughts you have.  I don’t have a time right now, but will let you know when that date is set. 

If you are not in The Cove and would like to make a comment, please write a separate email rather that responding to this one as responses often get buried in these multi-addressed emails.  This will help us keep things straight. 
Here is a rundown of other highlights:

·      The fence along Caraway Lane is the responsibility of Villas III.  John Baretela informed the board that the Villas III Board is working on this with great haste knowing it could take until early summer for it to be replaced.  Villas III Board is set to meet on January 8 to further discuss options.

·      Attached to this email is an informative insurance breakdown as to the responsibilities of the association and the owner in an association after a storm or damage.

·      The board approved a motion to pay $5,956 for calibration of 26 water system flow meters.  This is an every five year task.  The board felt it should bear the cost since this ground water/irrigation benefits everyone. 

·      The board also approved a purchase/upgrade of a new sound control panel for the sound booth at a cost of $1,986.96.  John Kern explained the need for this new piece and the benefits for all those who use the sound equipment.

·      Two bids for painting the clubhouse exterior have been received.  This was in discussion and will be further reviewed at a near future meeting.

·      Some discussion ensued about a fountain in the middle lake.  A bid of $9,045 covers the fountain and the installation.  It does not cover the electric that would have to be installed for it nor the maintenance for it.  A suggestion was made for this topic to be held until the February General Meeting when residents can openly express their thoughts.

·      Four new tables for the pool deck will be purchased.  This will be handled by Amanda Williams, CAM.

·      The board approved $1,500 to purchase two covers to replace the existing ones at the tennis/pickleball courts.  These structures are exactly like what is currently there.  CC Michael will be heading up this project and will need some willing volunteers to assemble and erect. 

·      We received bids to clean furniture, but it looks like most of that work has been done by residents.  Of course, you know that the main pool furniture was cleaned in the fall, and Caravel pool was recently done by some folks in Building 12.  It looks like those who use Bay Leaf are on top of that pool and a couple of folks have said they will take care of Spinnaker.  If you are a user of any of these pools, and you see someone cleaning, please volunteer to help.  We’re all in this together. 

·         Lastly, the board approved the purchase of lighting for the two wingwalls on CC Boulevard, a lighted fountain for the pond and three lights for the trees at the entrance to the clubhouse.  The motion was to pay no more than $500.

Jeanne Hopkins reported a great success with the Adopt-A-Family program.

We helped two very needy families completely furnish and decorate two homes.  And, thanks to your generosity, each family received food for the cupboard and gifts for Christmas.  It’s a wonderful thing we do as a community.

Also, Jeanne informed us that we now have a source who will take donations for needy folks and not just at Christmas.  If you have items, please DO NOT just drop them off at the clubhouse, call Jeanne and let her know and she can give you direction for this. 

Also, owners who rent unit or units…if you have a renter who returns year after year, please let your renter know all they have to do to get their transponder activated is call Jeanne and give her the lease dates and she will activate the transponder.  Easy as that. 

Recreational Office hours for the holidays…closed Friday, December 22 and Monday, December 25.  Closed Monday, January 1

Our wish is for each of you and your families to have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and wonderful New Year. 

Tony Medley
Master Board