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December Master Board Meeting Recap

posted Jan 15, 2021, 7:45 AM by Micheline LeBlanc   [ updated Jan 21, 2021, 1:43 PM ]
Treasurer's report- Cinnamon Cove is in great shape financially due to Covid (not having to clean the clubhouse regularly, and limited use of lights) and not having a Recreation Director for the summer.

Recreation and Social Activities Director, Cali Dorward- Reviewed events for January and thanked the volunteers for decorating for Christmas, and helping with adopting a family. The January Newspaper will be out Monday December 28th through the back door between the restrooms.

Maintenance Report was given by Michael Waunsch- The fitness center is complete with the exception of some replacement lighting, the cabinets from the center have been moved upstairs for puzzles and games. The Lake project is almost complete, still waiting for the water level in center lake to drop and longer socks for the area behind building 9 and some of 10. The project should be complete by March 2021. The overhang at the pool is still waiting on the permit from Lee County so they can start. Some floating docks for Alligators was discussed, giving them a place to lay instead of backyards. Michael will get an estimate for the materials needed. 

Committee Reports

Amenities Committee- Tony Medley reported that there were no issues, everyone is following the rules. Owners need to let renters know the rules and regulations of their association and Cinnamon Cove in general. It is the owners responsibility to guide their renters to the rules. The Master Board voted 14 to 0 in favor of going ahead with painting the welcome center and front signs, there will be a slight delay in the painting as a new well is being bored by the welcome center and will make a mess of the new paint job. The committee will look at opening the clubhouse in January, however this is not very likely at this point.

Safety and Security Committee- Michael Carmichael reported that the committee has discussed Dwelling Live, transponders and ways to reduce the calls to the welcome center. Speeding and rear gate signage and striping were visited, as well people not using the proper caution to take pictures of Alligators. He also reminded residents to make sure vehicles and bikes were locked during this busy time. 

Communications Committee- Jim Drake reported that the committee is working on a new owner packet, it will be up to each association to have one or two volunteers to make an appointment with new owners and go over the packet with them. The Committee would like a list of names and emails for the volunteers from each association by January 8th. On January 15th there will be a zoom meeting to go over the new packet and ways to approach and explain it to new owners. If interested please contact your Master Board Representative. Bill Durkee suggested that the associations distribute the information to all current owners as well, however it is on the Cinnamon Cove website http://www.cinnamoncove.com
on the new owner section. There will be a link to a Dwelling Live YOUTube tutorial, a map of Cinnamon Cove with each association highlighted and labeled and a page for individual association information.

Landscaping Committee- Nancy Monahan reported that the Boulevard coming into Cinnamon Cove is getting the attention and additions that it needed. great job by the committee.

New Business

Pool maintenance bids were submitted by Lynn Breedy, the personnel committee has been attempting to find ways to best help Michael identify what he needs in order to accomplish more and become more efficient. A suggestion was made by the Buildings and Grounds Committee to hire a professional pool company to maintain the 4 pools and spa in Cinnamon Cove. A motion was made to hire Florida Sunset as the professional pool company. The Master Board voted 14 to 0 in favor of this motion. Signs will be posted at the pools stating that they are the new pool company, at that time any comments, concerns or questions about the 4 pools and the spa can be called into Florida Sunset at 239-454-3525. 

Employee Contracts have been modified and updated completely including but not limited to compensation, reviews and job description. A small section revision still requires language and a discussion, a motion was made that the Master Board approve both contracts as is with the provisions and possible changes to Appendix A. The vote was 14 to 0.

 Respectfully submitted by Terrace II Master Board Representative James Drake