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Hurricane Irma - Tuesday, September 12 Update

posted Sep 13, 2017, 4:44 AM by Micheline LeBlanc

Hello Again Cinnamon Cove Friends,

            A note of clarification…when I sent you a note on Monday, the word I had from my on-site sources, was that electricity was restored in The Cove.  Of course, later in the day, power went out in some areas.  Sorry for the mix-up and misinformation.

            The official word now from FPL is that the west coast of Florida will be fully restored by September 22.        But the word I keep getting from folks, the buildings are being restored right now.  And other parts of The Cove are up also. 

Also, as I noted yesterday, the streets are very littered with debris everywhere and standing water due to drains and lakes being full.  Getting around is very difficult.  On that note, a good friend took his rake and cleared the storm grates along Caravel from CC Boulevard all the way to Building 12.  There aren’t that many drains along there, but clearing them should allow the high water to drain. 

Yes, there are trees down all over.  But now that the streets are nearly dry the tree companies can come and begin the cleanup process.  Patience is the watchword. 

            Amanda, our CAM, made assessments today and is in process to begin the general cleanup.      

I’m sure you have been keeping up with the status of Florida…fuel, power, cleanup, etc and because of this, if you are thinking about going to CC, you might consider delaying your trip waiting for this to get better.  Also consider that roads into Fort Myers are probably still in pretty bad shape.  A friend of my just posted that his friend is at the Georgia/Florida line heading south in very heavy traffic.

            We wanted the guards to begin shifts today, but because of no power, and standing water, that is delayed.  Hopefully tomorrow this will happen.

Jeanne Hopkins is not able to get out of her place.  She sent this report:


I'm soooo glad we did that. (Set up Facebook page) We are soooo lucky. The devastation around us is heart wrenching. The street up from us is completely under water. The little Marina is pretty much gone, the street after that is worse. Then there is Island Park, well kiss that development goodbye. The water is so deep all the way to 41, you would have to kayak or swim to get to see the houses. I am so blessed, and feel so bad for those people. In San Carlos Park the streets are so flooded people are making "no wake" signs cause if the water isn't in their house, it's up to the door and every time a car drives by it creates a wake into their homes. But even they are lucky. I have a friend that works for FEMA and he says the devastation in Key West is worse than Katrina. I think Mother Nature is mad!!!!


            It has been so reassuring to see so many posts on Cinnamon Cove Clubhouse Facebook page.  The pictures of The Cove and surrounding area are telling.  Thanks to Armina Marinelli for her ongoing dialogue with folks today informing them of the progress of power restoration.  Tom and Kathy Nielsen made a tour of the streets posting many photos documenting the status.  Arlene Friedman and Janet Carloni also posted some photos helping to record for us. 

            There are many photos, so many I can’t put them all on this note.  Rest assured, we are very fortunate compared to so many others. 

            Again, if you want to be part of that CC Facebook page, just go on Facebook, search for Cinnamon Cove Clubhouse, request to join and you will be approved.  Yesterday we had 326 members, today we have 426.  It’s a very good way to keep up with what happening. 

            Be safe and ever thankful for the little things,


Tony Medley

Master Board