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March 2018 Update

posted Mar 22, 2018, 3:15 PM by Micheline LeBlanc

From Chris Carmichael, Master Board Secretary

Master Board Meeting March 19, 2018 RECAP

Thank you to all that took the time to attend the Master Board meeting with the new board.

President’s Report:

Front Gate Security issues please contact Steve Lindberg or John Colombo.

Treasurer’s Report:

January Financials look good.  We’re in good shape.

Looking into the life expectancy of Master Board’s responsibilities to see if we need to update any funding issues.  (i.e. roads, pools, clubhouse, etc.

Recreation Report:

Please help by finding someone in your association that is here year round to check on others that are also here year round.  Let Jeanne know who can help from your association.

Aqua classes will finish the month with Paula’s people coming to fill the class.  These people are invited by her and will pay more than residents.

Maintenance Report:

Many projects completed.  Always more to do!

Pool temperature changes when it’s cooler at night and takes time to warm back up.  PLEASE use the shower before entering the pool.

New Business:

Irrigation well meters to be replaced and new lighting for the parking lot.

Association dumpsters are NOT for everyone’s use including any contractors that do work for you.  Contractors are to take their debris with them.  Please respect your neighboring associations.

Summerlin Property Line Landscaping:  Sea grapes are being planted.  The ditch needs to be cleared to get the water to go down. 

Single Family 1 bank erosion is being addressed by them since their property is considered private property.  The FL Dept. of EPA considers the rip rap a nonpermanent structure and is allowed.

Old Business:

Rebidding pool surfaces and painting of clubhouse.  Need to look into sealcoating the roads.

Please obey the speed limit in Cinnamon Cove and remind others.