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Master Board Meeting Update

posted May 16, 2020, 4:40 PM by Micheline LeBlanc

Meeting started at 10am, with approximately 135 participants.


Kim Luebke, CAM, chaired the meeting, at my request.  Job well done.


We had updates on several items:

A:  Clubhouse carpeting will start soon

B:  Recreation Director search is moving forward and hopefully positive results will be forthcoming

C:  Lake Erosion repair work should be starting around 6/1/20.


After much discussion and interaction, I asked for volunteers to move the swimming pool opening along.  This committee consisted of Mary Beth Martel, Janet Carloni, Michael Waunsch and Bill Durkee.  It took us less than 2 hours to produce reopening procedures and now the pools are open.  Mary Beth and Michael created signage and put them in place.  Please read them and obey.  Enjoy the pools, while keeping yourself and others safe.


The question arose as to why I closed the pools and what powers I had. 

A Board President has all the rights and responsibilities that any President of a corporation has.  The President of the corporation has the right and responsibility to make decisions for the good of the company, using his Presidential powers without board approval, in the case of an emergency.  I shared my concerns with the Board and there was no opposition to the closings expressed.  It was not a vote, but was considered implied consent of approval.  And I did indeed think that we were facing an


There was a small number of residents who were not happy, but the vast majority expressed their approval.

Remember, wash your hands and keep smiling.


Bill Durkee

William J Durkee, CPA

President, CCMA