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Master Board Recap 11-20-18

posted Nov 20, 2018, 7:33 PM by Micheline LeBlanc

Meeting went well today. Thank you, board members, for your time.

Eugene Melander and John Baretela have both resigned from the board. Thank you both for your time and efforts.  Gene’s replacement is Jim Drake, building 9.  John’s replacement will be decided soon.

A round of applause was given to Jeanne and Michael for all that they do.  Thank them when you see them.

The attendees also showed appreciation for the work by Nancy and her committees on the pool furniture and landscaping.

I mentioned the lake erosion problem but we can’t do much until we hire a water management engineer.

Several people had written to me via email with concerns regarding the aquatic exercise program.  It was not discussed today because I am waiting for a legal opinion from our attorney.  Some of the concerns are in the process of correction.  Those are contracts, insurance and health safety issues.   The legal question was the limitation of residents’ use of the pool during the paid program.  The whole issue will be influenced by the awaited opinion.

Mickie LeBlanc presented the Treasurer’s report, which shows favorable results for the year.  She also explained the $5 per month increase in the HOA fee and why.  Repairs, maintenance and reserves were the major concerns.  Mickie also presented the 2019 budget, which was passed.  This budget will be mailed to you soon.

Based on Mickie‘s opinion and suggestion, the Executive Board agreed to a professional review of our reserve accounts. This will happen in 2019 and the information will be available for use in determining the 2020 budget.

Jeanne presented us with the December 2019 activity, which should appear on your bulletin boards soon. Jeanne and Marley have started the “Adopt A Family” project.  Their needs are simple: box springs for a twin bed, 2 dressers and nonperishable items.  If you don’t like to shop, give them cash and they will shop.  Be generous, my friends and share the good times.

Michael told us what he did all summer.  Boy, was he busy.  If it needs attention, he is there.  If you see a problem or concern, please fill out a work order.  That is the only way to get things done promptly and properly.  Michael has a wish list of things he would like residents to do, and, maybe we will pass the entire list on.  But, for now, the short list:  Do not touch the pool heater thermostats, shower before you enter the pools and hot tub and try to remember to put your pool chairs back.  Also, if you get to the pools early and the water is cool, there is a reason.  The heaters cannot operate at night during cold weather or they will seize up.  I don’t understand either, but if he says it, it must be true.

Jeanne spoke about the security gates and is waiting for a contract.  The major concerns for Jeanne and Michael are:  1} people trying to enter without passes or identification; If they are your guests, you are responsible.  2} Bicyclists and pedestrians following cars through gates.  Folks, this is dangerous.  Use your key to access the small gate off to the side.  If you don’t own one, buy one at the office.

Transponders:  If you have a problem with your transponder, the new email address is: cctransponders@gmail.com.

Thank you to Diane Swan and Scott Ritchhart for decorating the Boulevard.  Santa’s sleigh should be arriving soon.

Mickie LeBlanc handles the job of getting my letter to you.  Thank you, Mickie.  But, some people are not getting them.  Please enter the following address in your email contact list: masterboardcc@gmail.com.  If you get this, please tell your friends to take action.  Also, tell them to sign up for the email list,  by using the email given in this paragraph or by telling the office staff, Mickie, me, or your master board rep, giving them your email address.

Lastly, Carolyn Kern is hosting a decorating party of Saturday, 11/24/18, at 10am.  She needs volunteers to decorate the clubhouse. Your reward will be the beautiful room to share with the rest of the Cove. Please join us.  Pat and I will be there.

Please have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remain healthy.


William J Durkee, CPA