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There are currently 2 active groups that meet regularly in Cinnamon Cove (CC). All residents are more than welcome to participate in any or all of these.

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Book Club 
Monday from October through April at 10:00am

Members choose the books by narrowing down suggestions. Books chosen are from various genres that enlighten and provoke thought and discussion. All are welcome to attend.Books for the upcoming months will be posted on the bulletin board in meeting room A as well as the online calendar.
Click on this link for this year's CC Book Club Members reading list.

Computer Club

The Computer Club meets at the Clubhouse on the first and third Saturday of each month at 10:00 AM, from mid-December through April. The experience level of members ranges from novice to semi-expert. Since we are all "learners", don't shy away from attending a meeting. The club's purpose is to have everyone share their knowledge with those who will benefit from such sharing. Various topics are discussed through a prepared presentation at each meeting, with time for questions and general "socializing" afterward. The Computer Club newsletter CinnamonBark is available by email to all community residents by request toCinnamonBark2014@gmail.com.

 Click here for the notes and schedule for the 2018-2019 season