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From the "golden arches" version of fast food to "high-end" steak and seafood restaurants, and everything in between, you are sure to find something to suit your taste and your budget within minutes of Cinnamon Cove. Restaurants are quite casual here. Unless you are dining at the "Ritz" in Naples or it is a special occasion, resort casual will suffice. That means khakis and a collared shirt for men. In recent years, Lee County has seen many arrivals and departures on the restaurant scene, resulting in a diverse smorgasbord comprising the Southwest Florida dining experience.

The possibilities are endless. Doing a search on the Internet will provide a long list which can be sorted by type, location and costs. Click here to begin.

Places of Worship
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There are many places of worship in Fort Myers and the Cinnamon Cove area. 
Click on this link to see a listing of churches by faith denomination.